Enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade.

In today’s competitive and ever changing business environment, it’s essential to enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade. To excel in your industry, you need to not only master your own profession but also understand how other departments and sectors think and operate.
Below you will find interviews with some of our speakers including researchers, consultants and business professionals.
Shot and produced by Steven Tannenberg and Ulrik M. Eriksen.

Entrepreneurial You

Dorie Clark interviewed about her new book

Edge Strategy

A New Mindset for Profitable Growth

The Analytical Marketer

How to Transform Your Marketing Organization

Sense & Respond

Sense & Respond – How Succesful Organizations Listen to Customers And Create New Products Continuously.


Interview with Eddie Yoon about his new book Superconsumers published by Harvard Business Review Press.

Small Data

Interview with Martin Lindstrøm about discovering the tiny clues that uncover huge trends.

The Moment of Clarity

Mikkel Rasmussen of ReD Associates on using human sciences to solve your toughest business problems.

Creating skunk works

Interview with CMO Martin Stenberg of Danske Bank’s disruption unit, Mobile Life.


Interview with professor Thomas Ramsøy on how we make decisions on what to buy.