Enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade.

In today’s competitive and ever changing business environment, it’s essential to enhance your professional skills and stay updated on the latest tools of the trade. To excel in your industry, you need to not only master your own profession but also understand how other departments and sectors think and operate.
Below you will find interviews with some of our speakers including researchers, consultants and business professionals.
Shot and produced by Steven Tannenberg and Ulrik M. Eriksen.

Entrepreneurial You

Dorie Clark interviewed about her new book

Managing Across Cultures

Breaking Through The Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

Power Cues

The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact

Sense & Respond

Sense & Respond – How Succesful Organizations Listen to Customers And Create New Products Continuously.


Susanne Hegelund and Peter Mose describes the core principles that make a good lobbyist.

Reputation Management

Interview with Professors Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen from Aarhus University.

Change Communication

Interview with Kresten Schultz Jørgensen, founder of Lead Agency.

Digitisation In The Media Industry

Editor-in-chief Mette Østergaard of TV2 News on their digital strategy.